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Dental Implants in Downers Grove, IL

Dental Implants

Coming form Downers Grove

Your oral care is very important to us and we have increased our servicing areas to help better serve you. We have expanded our dental implant services to our Downers Grove community. Downers Grove is just a mere 9 miles south of our Elmhurst office.

Dental Implants are changing the way people live! Dental implants are the first step in providing a solid foundation for replacement teeth that look, feel and function like natural teeth. The person who has lost one, two, or several teeth will regain the ability to eat virtually any type of food and can once again smile with confidence knowing that their teeth are stable, appear natural, and that their facial contour will be maintained.

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Dental implants are used to support a number of dental prostheses, including crowns, dental bridges or dentures. The implants themselves are made of titanium. They can vary in length and width. The implants are selected based on the quality and quantity of bone that is present.

A single tooth can be replaced or an entire upper (maxilla) and lower (mandible) row of teeth can be reconstructed utilizing Dental Implants. The implants can act as the "tooth root" by being an "anchor" to the structure it will support. The implants are surgically placed into the jawbone and allowed to bond, or integrate, with the surrounding bone. Therefore, allowing bone to adhere to the implant, providing a solid foundation.

The initial consultation at Advanced Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery will focus on your treatment goals and concerns, as well as taking a panoramic radiograph. A panoramic radiograph is a visual aid used to view the entirety of the upper (maxilla) and lower (mandible) jaws including the teeth, maxillary sinuses, and nasal cavity. During the consultation, the procedure will also be explained and additional information will be available to you.

Depending on the specific patient's needs, a CT study performed in the Downers Grove office may also be necessary. If a CT scan is performed, it will be transferred onto a computer disc and loaded into our specialty software at our office. This software program allows both the patient and doctor to view a detailed "road map" for the surgery, including quality and quantity of bone. The CT Study allows for an accurate size prognosis and placement of predetermined locations of a number of implants.

For most patients, the placement of Dental Implants requires two surgical procedures. The first procedure is the actual placement of the implant in the jawbone. The second procedure, also known as "uncovering," is done three to six months after the initial procedure. During this healing time any partial or temporary dentures can be worn while maintaining a soft diet. The amount of time that the implants are "covered" can depend on various factors including which jawbone the implants were placed, the quality of the bone and the medical history of the patient.

At the “uncovering,” titanium posts called “abutments” will be embed which will protrude through the gums for a short period of time. After the “uncovering.” you will be scheduled with your routine dentist to begin the final preparations for the replacement tooth or teeth. The entire treatment may take as little as four months or as many as twelve months. Each case is unique and has its own timetable.


As Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, Drs. Wolf, Dr. Dohse and Dr. Philip Lin manage a wide variety of problems relating to the Mouth, Teeth and Facial Regions.

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